Angio rehab – with automatic stand

Lode BV, Netherlands

Lode Update

Modern ergometer with multifunctional applications

With the stand for the Angio, the ergometer can move up and down over a range of 140 cm. With the stand it is easier to move your arm ergometry setting to another room, because it stands free. Handgrips are standard included. The Angio is an ergometer unit that can be used for both arm and supine ergometry. Its compact design makes it universally applicable for ergometric studies in those sectors in which standard ergometry cannot be used. The Angio operates independent of pedaling speed in the range of 7 – 1000 watt.

The Angio rehab is standard supplied with a 7″ control unit with touch screen. Thanks to the built-in network module, the ergometer can be connected to the Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager Software, Lode Rehab Manager or the Lode Ergometry Manager.