Cycle Ergometers

Lode BV, Netherlands


The Corival is one of the most popular bicycle ergometers worldwide. With its eddy current electro-magnetic braking mechanism, stress tests performed are reliable and reproducible and cycling is smooth and comfortable. The workload is adjustable in a range of 7 to 1000 watt. The ultra low step-through enables easy access to the ergometer and the latest design guarantees a perfect ergonomic position. Moreover, the noise level is reduced to a minimum.

  • The Corival CPET is standard supplied with a communication module and can therefore be easily controlled by ergospirometry (cardiopulmonary exercise testing) and ECG systems.
  • The Corival Rehab provides optimal adjustability and low effort ergonomic bike mounting. It is standard supplied with a 7″ control unit with touch screen and a bottle holder.


Model no. 960900 960901
Minimum load 7 W 7 W
Maximum peak load 1000 W 1000 W
Minimum load increments 1 W 1 W
Maximum continuous load 750 W 750 W
Maximum rpm independent constant load 150 rpm 150 rpm
Minimum rpm independent constant load 30 rpm 30 rpm
Power range at maximum rpm (maximum) 1000 W 1000 W
Workload accuracy below 100 W 3 W 3 W
Workload accuracy from 100 to 500 W 3% 3%
Workload accuracy from 500 to 1000 W 5% 5%
Q-factor 180 mm 180 mm
Allowed user weight 180 kg 180 kg
Handlebar adjustment angle 360° 360°
Adjustability range seat 300 mm 300 mm
Minimum leg length user 645 mm 645 mm
Product dimensions (LWH) 105  x 46  x 114 cm 105  x 46  x 114 cm
Product weight 63 kg 63 kg


Programmable-Control-Unit-Corival-cpet-and-rehabProgrammable Control Unit Electric-adjustable-saddle-heightElectric-Adjustable Saddle Adjustable-CranksAdjustable Cranks Transportwheel-for-CorivalTransport Wheel for Corival
Blood-Pressure-measurement-bicycle-ergometerBlood Pressure Module Arm-SupportArm Support Heart-rate-for-bicycle-ergometers3Heart Rate Module SpO2-for-control-unit-with-touch-panelSpO2 Measurement
0-Watt-start-up-system0-Watt Start-Up System