Pediatric Cycle Ergometer

Lode BV, Netherlands


The special design of the Corival Pediatric guarantees easy access and ergometry testing of children.

The ergometer is standard supplied with a communication module and can therefor be easily controlled by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world. The workload, rpm and time can be readout from the 3.5″ colour display. The Corival has an eddy current electro-magnetic braking mechanism. The biggest advantage of this system is the accuracy which is one of the most important Lode principles. With this ergometer, the stress tests performed are reliable and reproducible. The workload is adjustable in a range of 7 to 1000 watt.


Model No. 960903
Minimum Load 7W
Maximum Peak Load 1000W
Minimum Load Increments 1W
Maximum Continuous Load 750W
Maximum RPM Independent Constant Load 150 rpm
Minimum RPM Independent Constant Load 30 rpm
Workload Accuracy below 100W 3W
Workload Accuracy from 100 to 500W 3%
Workload Accuracy from 500 to 1000W 5%
Allowed User Weight 95 kg
Adjustability Range Seat 295 mm
Product Dimensions (LWH) 93 x 65 x 93 cm
Product Weight 33 kg


Programmable Control UnitProgrammable Control Unit programmable-control-unit-with-spo2-heart-rate-1_photo_0Programmable Control Unit with SpO2 & Heart Rate Blood pressure module- pediatric 928820Blood Pressure Module 0-watt-start-up-system_recumbent0-Watt Start-Up System
heart-rate-recumbentHeart Rate Pedal shoes-recumbentPedal Shoes Pediatric (Pair) Adjustable CranksAdjustable Cranks Arm SupportArm Support